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I am a former Engineering Support Specialist who retired decades ago from a large aftermarket manufacturer that I will not name here. No one besides me had ever worked on my 1979 FXS80 Limited prior to my excellent experience with Bloody Knuckles. My sons surprised me and secretly took my bike there knowing that it hadn’t been rebuilt or gone through thoroughly since 1994. When my sons finally told me where it was I was more than pleased to see my bike. It still looks adequately good with my 1994 custom Urethane multicolor/pearl paint.

My sons knew it needed to run well and hard and didn’t need much cosmetic attention. Its hard to find artisan mechanics who know old iron but Sammy did a great job.The real kicker was that nearly every moving part had been replaced properly as if it was a re-manufacture/mechanical rebuild. I’m extremely happy with my 93 cu in S&S Hot Set-up Big Bore Stroker, fresh drivetrain and transmission, new rear shocks and replaced my +2” front tubes and those springs, all stainless lines, LED lights, new wheel bearings, tires and numerous other upgrades in keeping with or exceeding most OEM functions and design parameters. I’m not out of engine break-in miles yet but I can tell my old/new bike is gonna scream and be reliable and safe.

Kudos to Sammy and to Shaune. I know I told you “Thank you” in person but I had to say it here also. I love craftspeople who don’t cut corners. That’s why the bike was basically fairly sound, but tired when my sons brought him to you.
— Rob 'Chief' Rose
I live in the west valley.. bout 45 miles from Bloody Knuckles. I take my 2011 FLTRX across town to Shaune because he is honest and reasonable in his prices. In Feb. I had to have the flywheel addressed, The guys @ Bloddy Knuckles were awesome.. While addressing the flywheel I had them bore my 96” to 103”, change the Cams, intake, exhaust, clutch. I am more than Happy. My bike is so responsive I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I would recommend Bloody Knuckles to everyone no matter how small or large the job is.. Thanks Guys.
— Allen
I came down for Bike Week and bearing went out in my Roadglide. I thought my week was over. My bro Eddie said he had a bro here with a shop not far in Mesa. Best choice I ever made. Took my bike in at 10:30 and got ride home from the shop. Thought it would be couple of days here. I’m standing outside my room that day and Shaune pulls up with my Roadglide. Outstanding service. Got to finish out Bike Week. Didn’t miss a day. I would and do recommend this shop to anybody I talk to. Great motorcycle shop. Thanks Shaune!!!!!!!!
— Pohaneck
Besides the motor work, which is unparalelled in itself, my horse looks like she’s going a hundred miles an hour standing still. Exactly what I was looking for! Bloody Kunckles’ commitment to YOUR satisfaction is diehard but my favorite aspect of the shop is the NO BULLSHIT demeanor. If you are recommended additional modifications during your existing service, it is NOT an up-sell. It is simply the best time for your money to make these changes. I’ve been a customer of Shaune’s for three years. Recommended multiple friends and have no intentions of taking my girl anywhere else.
— C. Chaser
Here I am after reading some of the testimonials. A chick with a bike, I am still learning the ins-and-outs of maintenance. Thank all of you for taking great care of me. It’s close to home and Bloody Kunckles has a real concern for the rider. I’ll never go to another place for up keep on my Sporty. Have already put the word out. Now when I come back, I’m looking for advice on some kind of sound system for her. Not enough ways to thank you!
— Ann Freeman xo
After 1st going to a Harley dealer to fix a starter, then only to have a reoccurrence of the same problem, I went to Bloody Knuckles Motorcycles. I am now so happy that I did. Shaune was very knowledgeable and brought me into the workshop to further understand the bike’s problems and parts that were needed. My bike was completed promptly with my extended warranty taken graciously. My bike has never run better. Thank you Bloody Knuckles. You have a customer for life.
— The Bike Chaplain
I was fortunate last month to be introduced to Bloody Knuckles and Shaune. I needed the front shocks on my Boss Hoss to be rebuilt and couldn’t find anybody in the valley that would touch it. Boss Hoss in Scottsdale closed their doors down a couple of years ago and left me hanging, with the nearest dealer in L.A.. Every shop said they didn’t have the right tools, or they couldn’t work on inverted shocks, or the damn bike was too big. Not Shaune. He said “Bring it in and we’ll take care of you”. And he Did! Excellent job, very fair on the price, and a pleasure to deal with. He told me to bring the bike back anytime I had any problems with it and he’d take care of me. What a relief. So, all you Boss Hoss bikers out there, you have a reliable shop that’s willing to work with you. Give Shaune a call, you’ll be glad you did. And I did have to chuckle when I dialed their phone number! (HA, HA) :o)
— Craig D. Force
I have been going to Bloody Knuckles for a while. When it was the time for new tires, it was suggested I try the Michelin commander. It cost a little more but was totally worth it. It is lasting longer and rides better. Bloody Knuckles Motorcycles will continue to be my go to shop. Thanks for the advice and service.
I bought my bike used and with it came numerous problems. I have had my bike to Bloody Knuckles a number of times. Every time the bike has been there, the problems always get fixed. When I ask, what might have caused my issue, Shaune always takes the time to explain things to me. I recently laid my bike down and told my insurance company I wanted the bike to go to Bloody Knuckles. The adjuster knew Shaune and had dealt with his shop numerous times in the past. This made me very comfortable. Shaune came to my home and picked up the bike and trailered it to the shop when I was at work. They always go that extra mile. When I made it to the shop to discuss the repairs with Shaune, I asked him his opinion, which I value greatly, on the repairs. Besides the damage to the bike, I asked what I could do to improve the bike. There were certain ideas I had about things I was considering doing to my bike and lot of shops would of done then just took the money. Shaune knows me, knows how I ride and what would benefit me as a rider. He steered me in the right direction. How could I not respect and be loyal to a shop like that. After a few weeks the suggestions from Shaune and a lot of work by Jeff and Sammy, my bike looks and rides incredible. Thanks to the crew at Blood Knuckles for the amazing job. They’re not just another shop they’re my friends.
— Chris
Get a bigger shop! Please!
The reputation of quality work shows when you go to visit Bloody Knuckles Motorcycles. You can walk around in there because it’s always packed full with cool bikes. Shaune is pretty cool and the mechanics kick ass! It wasn’t exactly inexpensive but my bike is fast as hell now!
— Masterblaster
You guys did an awesome job with the motor on my 03 Fatboy. It is twice the bike it was when I bought it to your shop. I would recommend Bloody Knuckles Motorcycles to anyone needing work or wanting upgrades. Thanks Shaune!
— Jack Robinson
This is a shop that stands by what they do 100%. In my opinion, I feel it’s a privilege to call this shop my go to shop. There is nothing better than having Bloody Knuckles’ number in my cell phone when I need them the most…..I’m a lifer. Oh and getting your bike back a whole lot cleaner than when you brought is in is also pretty god damn nice when you’re an every day rider. Much love and respect to Bloody Knuckles, you got a customer in me and my club for life
— Ryan
I live in the west valley about 45 miles from Bloody Knuckles. I take my 2011 FLTRX across town to Shaune because he is honest and reasonable in his prices. In Feb. I had to have the flywheel addressed. The guys at Bloddy Knuckles were awesome. While addressing the flywheel I had them bore my 96” to 103”, change the Cams, intake, exhaust, clutch. I am more than Happy. My bike is so responsive I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I would recommend Bloody Knuckles to everyone no matter how small or large the job is. Thanks Guys.
— Allen
For the past year I have benefited from the service repairs and upgrades made to my 2009 Harley Fatboy. From Shaune to the technicians, assistance was excellent. Bloody Knuckles listened to my concerns and needs. The result has been improved performance and ride. With a new S&S 106 Flywheel with upgraded cams and pistons my ride is awesome. Thank you Bloody Knuckles.
— Avi, From New Mexico aka "Padre"
My experience with Bloody Knuckles has been a refreshing one. I have taken my bike to many different shops and have been sold on parts and labor that I later found out I never needed. I spent a lot of money trying to get my bike running to perfection. Trusting small, little shops to the big dealerships service departments thinking that if anyone would know the issues I was having on my bike, they would. That truly was not the case. After shelling out hundreds of dollars and dealing with horrible attitudes, I finely found a bike shop that immediately knew what was wrong with my bike before having to tear it all apart and over charging me. Bloody Knuckles repaired my bike within a timely manor and I am absolutely impressed with how well my bike runs now and I haven’t had to worry about another problems with it since. I thank you Bloody Knuckles for being honest, trustworthy and very friendly! You made my visit there awesome one!
— Linds
Just picked up my 87 FXR P from the shop. Like Shaune said, “It’s not good, it’s perfect.“ He wasn’t kidding. After buying what turned out to be a near basket case, the team did what they do best…made it perfect. So rare to find not only experts but good guys too. Always fun to stop by and say a quick hello. Always busy and I can see why. No one else will ever touch my bike, ever. So worth the wait for perfection. I highly recommend this shop for any bike needs. Seems that the ton of experts go to Bloody Knuckles too. That’s how I found them. Great Job!! Thanks!
— Terrence P Curtain
I recently moved to phoenix and was looking for a place to have cams installed in my new Roadglide. Bloody Knuckles came highly recommended so I decided to check them out. From the time I walked in and talked to Shaune, I knew the place was the real deal. They are totally on top of things and were able to answer all the questions I had when I dropped off my bike. Shaune kept me posted on everything till it was ready to pick up. When I did go pick it up, it was totally spotless and ran awesome after being serviced and having hotter cams installed. I would recommend this shop to anybody and everybody. Fast service and really fair price. I won’t be going anywhere else.
— Jeff
So I broke a exhaust stud off flush to the head. Don’t have a truck or trailer. Basically I was screwed. A buddy simply call bloody knuckles in mesa. Best choice I’ve made. Not only did the big boss come pick up my bike for me but pounded it out in a day for a rocking price. When I got the to get the bike he greeted me and just so happened to personally own the same bike. His is soooo much nicer then mine hahaha. But he took me into his shop to show me the hard work he put in it. Its nice to meet a guy who has a FXR he takes real pride in. Not only that but he said I can call anytime even if just to answer questions for me being he’s a FXR but like me. Great dude, great crew. My go to shop from now on.
— Fxr for Life Bobby

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